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Welcome to a new kind of eatertainment experience. Lawn games. Board games. Court games. Tabletop games. Arcade games. We’ve got it all! With indoor and outdoor gaming, Smash Park is the best place to play Pella all year long. So, whether you’re a pickler, paddler, fooser, or dartist, Smash Park is the destination for all your gaming desires.


Smash Park is your one-stop shop for pickleball in Pella. With 4 indoor pickleball courts, a pro shop full of gear and sportswear, leagues and tournaments, and plenty of ways to learn to play, Smash Park is the perfect place for all skill levels to play pickleball. Want to drink while you dink? Smash Park has a full bar, serving craft cocktails and local Iowa brews to quench your thirst as you play! No need to stop your game to order a drink, our servers come to the courts!

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Are you looking to beat the world record of a 35-mph ball speed? Maybe you’re Cyclone or Hawkeye alum looking to dust off your college party skills? Whether you’re a dedicated daily player or haven’t stepped up to a foosball table since graduation, Smash Park is the best place to play foosball in Pella. Surrounded by other gamers and a lively atmosphere, playing foosball at Smash Park is an immersive experience.


Grab your balls, let’s play bocce! There are a lot of ways to throw a bocce ball: toss, roll, bounce or bank it. Whatever your style, at Smash Park, you can soak up the sun and challenge your friends at the ultimate bocce ball destination.

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If you’re simply trying to hit the board or you have a history of bullseyes, Smash Park has darts for every kind of player. Ready to get competitive with your game? Set aside your “Iowa nice” and join a competitive darts league in Pella at Smash Park.


If you call it cornhole or you call it bags, we don’t discriminate here. Cornhole is most popularly played during football season as a Cyclone and Hawkeye tailgating game, but Smash Park keeps the fun going all year with indoor and outdoor cornhole!

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Did you know ping pong is one of the most popular sports in the world? The sound of the ball, the paddle in your hand, it’s an experience like no other and with Iowa winters, we always need more indoor fun. Serve’s up at Smash Park! Make sure to check out our mini ping pong, too!


You don’t have to hop on a cruise ship to enjoy a round of shuffleboard anymore. Come play with us at Pella all summer long.

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