Epic Eats!

Epic Eats!


At Smash Park your meal is meant to be as memorable as the entertainment. We take the time to create our food from scratch, brine our chicken for 24-hours, and even hand cut our tortilla chips. It’s our mission to serve food so addictive, you’ll think we swapped our cola recipe back to the original. (Legal almost yelled at us for that line because we actually only serve Pepsi products, but we’re letting you know that now.)


All-day fun calls for unrivaled fuel. That’s why we’re committed to serving food that ranges from our Frito Pie to our gluten-free Caribbean Shrimp Bowl.

Have you tried our Pickleballs? Hand-breaded, smokey bacon bits, all served with dipping ranch… is your mouth watering yet?


The heart of any successful gathering is in the food, and that’s where our FEAST MODE comes into play. We offer catering packages made to fit any event, and any budget, making sure no one leaves hungry.


Enjoy a worry-free dining experience with all the flavor and none of the compromise. Our commitment to inclusivity extends to every diner! From savory appetizers to satisfying main courses, each item on our gluten-friendly menu and substitutions is prepared with the same dedication to quality that defines the Smash Park experience.