Smash Park is home of the World's Largest Pickleball Paddle!

You can see Big Blue displayed on the back West side of Smash Park. Be sure to snap a picture, tag us and use the hashtag #bigblue!


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Big Blue FAQ's

  • Let’s cut to the chase – why on earth did you decide to build an ungodly large pickleball paddle?

Seeing the World’s Largest tennis racquet and ping pong paddle left us with a burning question: “Where is the world’s largest pickleball paddle?” So, we called Guinness World Records to find out. Turns out – there wasn’t one. We’ll let that sink in for a moment.

Our mission was clear: the world’s largest pickleball paddle must be created, and it must live at Smash Park.

  • How did you know how big to make it?

The folks at Guinness told us it needed to be at least 10 times the size of a commercially-available pickleball paddle.

  • Exactly how big is it?

It’s 4.1 meters (13’6”) tall and 2.05 (6’9”) wide and it weighs about 150 lbs.

  • What’s it made out of?

The exact same stuff you’d use to make 180 regular-sized pickleball paddles.

  • Who does one turn to when they want to make the largest pickleball paddle in the world?

Why, the experts at Paddletek, of course! Paddletek is a leading premium pickleball paddle-maker in Niles, Mich. They partnered with us to create Big Blue because in order to hold the world-record title, it had to be an exact replica constructed of the exact same materials.

  • Could I actually play pickleball with Big Blue?

If you are huge and strong – then, yes. It’s an exact (ginormous) replica of a regular paddle, so in theory, a ginormous person could use it. It took five people to hang it on our wall, but we’re sure you could manage a few good lobs and top-spins.


Help us raise money for a good cause!

Join us on April 14, 2019 from 10 AM - 2 PM to watch the Local Celebrity Paddle Battle to raise money for our local charity, Children & Families of Iowa!

April is National Pickleball Month! To celebrate Smash Park's favorite sport and to give back to our community, we are hosting a Local Celebrity pickleball battle to raise money for CFI!

See your favorite local favorites, like:

  1. Chuck Long (former University of Iowa superstar quarterback)
  2. Lou & Jackie (CW Live)
  3. Chris Burch & Amanda Krenz (DSM Marathon)
  4. Eddie Hatfield & Tariq Lundy (Cumulus Media)
  5. Jannay Towne & Jodi Long (WHO Channel 13)
  6. Big Ken (Star 102.5 Radio)
  7. Kate Garner (KIOA Radio)
  8. Rheya Spigner (KCCI Channel 8)
  9. Marcus McIntosh (KCCI Channel 8)
  10. Walter & Wagner (Brazilian 2wins)
  11. Sonya Heitsusan (WHO Channel 13)
  12. Luke & Amy (KIOA Morning Show)
  13. Moose & Nadia (Lazer 103.3)
  14. Bill Blank (local comedian) & Ross Peterson (KXNO Radio)
  15. Joey Ashby (local promoter)
  16. Tana Goertz (The Apprentice) and Kurtis Goertz (KCCI Channel 8)
  17. Russ Trimble (WDM City Council)
  18. Sam Summers (owner of Wooly’s, Up-Down and Hinterland) & Clint Knox (Knox Canine Training)
  19. John Bush and Patrick Albanese (Triple Espresso Guys)

Front-row seats to the Paddle Battle will be available to anyone who provides an in-kind donation to CFI. They will be accepting cash and item donations! Additionally, a portion of Smash Park's sales on April 14 will be donated to Children and Families of Iowa! See below for specific item needs, or:

Donate Now!


Other National Pickleball Month happenings:

  • Free Clinics
  • 1/2 OFF Private Lessons
  • Battle of the Sexes Tournament on April 27th (sign up here!)
  • Pro Shop Sales

Smash Park FAQs

  • What's the cover charge/price to get in?

There is no cover, admission fees or membership fees at Smash Park! In fact, the only things we charge for is food, drink, pickleball and some assorted arcade games.

  • Where can I park?

Anywhere! Smash Park is in a community lot, and all parking spaces surrounding the building are open to Smash Park guests.

  • Are children allowed?

Children are always welcome at Smash Park as long as minors are accompanied by an adult at all times. There is a lot to play with here, and we don't want your little ones getting hurt! The upstairs Deck, however, is always 21+.

  • Can I bring cake?

Of course! The only outside food or beverage we allow is cake or cupcakes, because who doesn't love cake?! Also, if you would like to bring in a few decorations for your party you are more than welcome, we just ask that if you bring balloons that there be NO glitter or confetti inside of the balloons and that your decorations leave with you.

  • How do I make a pickleball court reservation?

You can make your court reservations on our website! Need paddles? You can grab those there too! Want to sign up for the next dodgeball tournament? Sign your team up under events! Want to join a league? Just click on the leagues tab! You can sign up for just about everything through our website.

  • How does seating work?

Smash Park is primarily self-service, and we do not have table servers. You can grab your food from the Court 7 Munchery counter, and we shoot you a text when your food is ready! Need a cocktail? Head over to the bar! Additionally, if you are bringing in a group of people (5-15) feel free to just come on in and grab some tables! Smash Park is completely open seating.

  • How do I make a table reservation?

Smash Park does not take reservations for tables. We can seat over 600 people inside of the building, so just come in a little early to scope out your party spot!